Commerical Fit - Out works


Fit-Out work is the design and completion of shell space (i.e. raw floor space bounded by walls but with no specific requirements to its occupants) with the designated interior partitioning, floor, ceiling, mechanical, electrical and environmental requirements of its occupants included. The scale of our projects range from customising fit-out of an entire building to providing finest touches to a single room. We have demonstrated abilities across all levels of project size, value and technical complexity. Depending on customers’ requirements, we fit-out new space to give the occupants a sense of renewed or inspired presence as well as stimulating productivity and delighting staff, customers and visitors. Sometimes, customers may have changes in business objectives, structure and technology which can have impact on the accommodation requirements. We have been engaged to rearrange space of various sizes to facilitate the change in business requirements. We often work within fully operational businesses and our experienced staff work discreetly around staff, customers and visitors without compromising the health and safety of those around. Like what we provide for other construction works, we administer and control the whole process until the final handling over to our customers with satisfying results.